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Skills  Programmes

2014 - Present

Our Skills work is centred on the belief that our young people should view themselves as leaders. By giving them this added responsibility, we are showing them that we have the confidence and belief in them that many of them have never felt from the adults in their lives. We understand that our youth workers don’t have all the answers or capabilities to achieve this, so most of our skills work is done in cooperation with experts, such as engineers who give our young people the qualifications and skills to fix cars or DJs who teach them to produce podcasts.

The Problem

According to the State of Equalities in Islington – Annual Report 2023, 'Islington ranks 10th highest for the proportion of children living in income deprived households in the country (28%), an improvement from 3rd in the country in 2015 – Islington ranks the highest for London, where it was previously the second highest.' It goes on to say, 'Child poverty is closely linked to unemployment – approximately 18% of Islington children under 16 live in households with relative low income and 14% in absolute low income.'

Our Approach

To break the cycle of unemployment and poverty, we do three things. First, we offer training opportunities to our older service users to become youth workers. This shows younger members that they too have the opportunity to transition into paid work through working hard and gaining skills.

Second, we offer a range of CV-enhancing opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Finally, by working closely with parents and teachers we tie this work with our more targeted community programme, which aims to build soft skills and encourage healthy lifestyles.

2018 Outcomes


gained mechanic accreditation


people working towards their level 1 in youth work


Duke of Edinburgh awards

Skills Projects

These are just a few of the projects we've got running at any given time. For a comprehensive list, contact 


We run a very successful mechanics scheme, an engagement and accredited learning and training programme for the motor industry directed at young people who are not achieving in a traditional educational environment.


Young people take a car through to its MOT whilst gaining an entry-level qualification to the motor industry and developing personal skills. Of the 80 young people who had taken this course, 72 have gained the qualification and some have gone on to have careers in the car repair industry.

Young Leaders Programme

This gives young people aged 16 to 21 the opportunity to gain their ABC Level 1 Youth Work qualification and gain valuable volunteer face-to-face hours.


Throughout the course young people learn the skills required to become a youth worker such as safeguarding, first aid, health and safety, communication, teamwork, boundaries and session planning and then put all this to practise working with us in the Junior Hub or holiday provision.


The whole process takes around 6 to 8 months to complete and gives a valuable start into youth work or other employment.

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