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We are 



Established in 2001, we exist to increase and improve the opportunities and experiences of at-risk young people
in Islington.

Our work is both diverse and impactful. When we aren't running outreach sessions to engage with teenagers at-risk of gang violence, we're teaching 8 year olds how to make nutritious meals.

Our Programmes


The Underground Youth Centre is where we build our activities in the Islington area.


We run courses that give our young people the confidence to thrive.


Our work outside of term time aims to both be fun and prevent holiday poverty.


Julius, 12

“I have nothing to do at home, coming here gives me a way to enjoy myself.”


Rhea, 11

“It's helped me to understand how to respond to real life situations.”


Clarence, 20

“Prospex means everything to me. It saved me.”

Message from the Chair


"Our team does more than just meet and engage with young people within the confines of the centre.

We have been advocates for our children and teens with school, the police, and other authorities.  We meet with parents and their peers to help mediate conflicts, and accompany them to meetings or important appointments to provide support. If we feel their voices are not being heard, we speak up, and encourage them to do the same. We listen when they need us to, and signpost them to other organisations where necessary.

Our team and volunteers build lasting, meaningful relationships with the young people who come to us. We let them be themselves and engage in positive activities designed to promote and stimulate healthy bodies and healthy minds."

Mike Hickes, Chair of Trustees

Every donation that Prospex receives goes directly toward our youth programmes. In 2023, we are particularly keen to expand our Mental Health provision 'PLC'.

Prospex exists because members of the local community came together. We need the continued support of Londoners hoping to make a difference. Volunteer, sponsor a young person, or join our team as a trustee.

Since 2001, we have been at the heart of North London community, working to improve the lives of at-risk young people through a 'healthy bodies, healthy minds' approach. 

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