Prospex Street Team


  • We provide a consistent presence in the community helping to build positive long term relationships with disadvantaged young people in the form of outreach work
  • We actively target the “hot spots” where large groups of young people congregate or where persistent anti-social behaviour takes place, in estates, parks and in the council blocks
  • We help these young people to access  other projects we offer or refer them to other relevant services
  • We will actively seek to foster good relationships with the local residents and other agencies, service providers and the police and community support officers


  • We aim to help young aged people between 9-19 years old who hang around on the streets in groups and gangs for whom the street has become their home


  • We provide positive adult role models
  • We help the young people with access to what provision is on offer for them in the local area, through signposting
  • We aim to move the young people from the Street to the Youth Hubs
  • We contribute to a reduction in anti social behaviour when the Street Teams are working
  • We make available access to sex and relationships advice, and condoms through the Come Direct Scheme