18 March 2016

Teenager went up mountain a drug runner and came down inspired to tell his gang: 'I’m out'

A charity’s outdoor adventure course was the turning point for one Londoner. David Cohen finds out how youth workers are using car mechanics courses to teach job skills … and repair lives

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1 March 2016

Prospex newsletter spring 2016

Firstly, we would like to say thank you for supporting us whether as a donor, a funder, a corporate company, local business, church or other religious establishment and in whatever capacity, financially, as a volunteer, or just interested in our work. You are the lifeline to the work that we do at Prospex, and for that we are really grateful.


24 February 2016

Ambition Ambassador Darius Knight visits local youth centre

Darius Knight, table tennis star and ambassador for Ambition, recently showed off his sporting skills and rallied with young Londoners at The Underground Youth Centre in Islington.


8 January 2016

Mechanics on the road to finding jobs as classic car scheme helps youngsters’ search for work

A GROUP of disadvan­taged youngsters have been lifting the bonnets on classic cars as part of a course aimed at boosting their self-confidence and employment prospects.


24 December 2015

Amol Rajan: Giving to charity can bring back the true meaning of Christmas

A few months ago, when financial mismanagement at the charity Kids Company was revealed, I had mixed feelings about the story. Clearly the place was far from perfectly run, and the involvement of Alan Yentob...


29 November 2015

Shareradio Interview Charity Showcase - Prospex

Matthew Cook meets Prospex, a charity established in 2001 that is dedicated to improving the lives of young people in the Islington area who are socially disadvantaged, with many of them being excluded from education.


11 November 2015

Haynes Publishing Mechanix project sees MG Midget saved from scrapheap

The Haynes Publishing Mechanix project has caused a stir in the classic car community as the renovated MG Midget, which was saved from the scrap heap by Prospex Youth Charity, is now attracting bids of up to £2,500.
Read more at http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/haynes-publishing-mechanix-project-sees-mg-midget/story-28155980-detail/story.html#ixzz3rq0Xlvbb#b65BvVkTXRtybYU2.99


28 September 2015

Youngsters give a battered MG Midget a new lease of life

Restoring a classic car can be a challenge too far for even some of the most practical enthusiasts and technicians out there, so when the second Mechanix course announced its plan to revive a tired old MG Midget, it would be an experience they would never forget...


1 June 2015

Haynes Publishing chairman appointed patron of youth charity Prospex

The chairman of car manuals publisher Haynes Publishing has been appointed as a patron of the youth charity Prospex. The appointment of J haynes follows years of successful collaboration between the charity and the company through the Mechanix programme...


30 April 2015

Hermione Burghart: who’d be married to a would-be MP?

It’s not easy being married to a parliamentary candidate: your home becomes campaign HQ, there’s an endless stream of hungry volunteers to feed and you give up your date nights for hustings. But it’s not all door-knocking and domestic dramas...

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31 January 2015

PROSPEX Newsletter - January 2015

The last three months of 2014 were especially busy for Prospex as we moved back into Williamson Street and re-established ourselves, setting up the new storage areas, activity space and offices. The renovation has created a custom built youth centre for us, and allows us to focus and work in a way you can’t in someone else’s space.


20 January 2015

Commuters Urged to Turn Pennies into Millions in Charity 'Call to Arms'

COMMUTERS were today issued with a "call to arms" and urged to sign up to Penny for London, which is set to raise millions of pounds for disadvantaged young people in the capital.



20 January 2015

Car mechanics scheme sparks drive for learning

The challenge for the young people who enrolled on the Haynes MechaniX programme last year was to get “Percy the Polo”, a 1996 1.6 CL model of the Volkswagen hatchback, to pass “his” MOT.



5 January 2015

New Mechanix tackle an MG Midget

As well as looking to break into new markets, Haynes is also looking to help inspire the next generation. Its programme is designed to teach young people basic motor mechanics, some life skills and to give them the confidence to do things for themselves. Earlier this year Haynes successfully produced, alongside Drapers Tools and Prospex youth club in Islington, the first group of Mechanix.


18 December 2014

Amol Rajan: A beacon of hope amid the deep poverty in the heart of our city

Around this time every year I write a column about the social cause I feel most passionately about, and to which I have tried — and often failed — to devote as much time as I would like to: London’s disadvantaged young people. And specifically a charity that does the most extraordinary work to help them, and of which I am a trustee: Prospex.


10 December 2014

City sky: Haynes helps put youngsters on right road

Somerset-based Haynes Publishing, best-known for its car and bike mechanic manuals, is venturing into inner-city London for a good cause. Executive chairman J Haynes, son of the founder, is backing the Haynes Publishing “mechanix” project...


11 November 2014

fresh push on business support

Strong partnerships with business will be key to the success of the latest youth sector brokerage scheme. A Cabinet Office trial is set to revisit business brokerage as a method of generating greater funding and support for the youth sector.


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2 November 2014

prospex newsletter - october 2014

Our work at the Underground Youth Hub is going well headed up by Alan and each Wednesday evening sees two sessions the first for 8-13s and the second for 14-19s. The younger is the most popular and the older age is building slowly but steadily.


13 October 2014

My Life: Jordan Glaze, 18, London

I am a member of Prospex, a charity that supports young people in Islington to achieve their full potential in life. I've been going to their youth club sessions since 2010.