Corporate Friends

We know that there are many smaller and local businesses who wish to support our work but who might not be in a position to commit to a high-value, long term partnership.

We regard these local companies as our Corporate Friends. Through their regular support, we continue to be able to help young people in our community each year, whilst helping to raise the profile of our brand and important outreach work in the local community where our Youth Hubs are located.

Our Corporate Friend partnerships come in a variety of forms including: donating an agreed amount or percentage of sales related to a specific product; choosing us as Charity of the Year and raising funds for Prospex throughout the year; displaying our collection tins at their checkouts or donating an annual gift, often around Christmas time.

If you are interested in becoming a Prospex Corporate Friend, please contact our Corporate Partnerships Representative Stefanie Burgess-Bryan who will contact you as soon as she can.

In return for your support each year, as a Corporate Friend you will:

  • Be able to use our logo and the ‘we are proud to support Prospex’ strapline on your website and marketing materials, where this relates to the specific promotion of the agreed partnership with Prospex. We will send you approved wording.

  • Receive a certificate each year to display in your reception, staff room or shop window showing the total amount you have donated to Prospex in the last twelve months.

  • Get two updates per year on the work of Prospex in a displayable format. Where your business is located near one of our Youth Hubs, one of these updates will be tailored so that your staff and customers can see how they are helping Prospex in their local area.

  • Be invited to attend Prospex events near your business, for example our annual Fun Days and be given the first opportunity to sponsor Prospex events near you.

    If you are a national or international company interested in developing a high-value partnership, please contact Stefanie Burgess-Bryan.